A message from the founders of Givelo

A message from the founders of Givelo

At Givelo, we make cycling clothing that speaks for itself; it’s about the cyclist’s lifestyle, not about the brand. A cyclist is always looking to surpass their limit and Givelo supports and makes those goals attainable. Our team is made up of like-minded people that are at the top of their industry, who are willing to push their limits each day; hence our company slogan, Don’t Settle.

Cycling is a global language that we speak; we import the best fabrics and components from around the world. We collaborate without limits from the idea stage through to the final outcome, including our partners abroad who are carefully selected, making sure they are certified via OEKO-TEX® and Bluesign® systems.

We are proud to have an in-house design and quality control team. This lets us oversee the whole production process and ensure that each garment is perfect. Each product is checked one by one, stitch by stitch, following our internal philosophy; we create clothing that we would personally prefer to use above all others. This mind-set applies to all areas of our business; clarity, comfort and a touch of innovation.

We are known for creating unique products, which is why we have the highest quality standards. Our production methodology is a meticulous and inclusive one, where each person involved is part of the Givelo family. We focus on high quality at the right quantity. Reducing surplus production is a reflection of the innovation and lean work that’s put in from the start. We are prepared to undertake the challenge of combining innovation with sustainability.

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