• Honest Savings Guide

    Honest Savings Guide
    Cycling Apparel Sales: the perfect opportunity to score great deals on last season’s cycling apparel in undesirable colours and leftover sizes. But not with 21 Stages. We believe your patronage should be properly rewarded, so we offer clear, accessible discounts on all our cycling apparel, featuring the latest tech and on-trend styling—all in complete size runs, and all without that scary Final Sale stamp.
  • Fall Kit Guide - Part 1

    Fall Kit Guide - Part 1
    Fall may be here, but the season is far from finished. Make the most of your ride with the right gear.
  • Meet the Quick-Free Zipper

    Meet the Quick-Free Zipper
    This collection was designed around a simple Quick-Free zipper function. It allows you to remove your outer layer in seconds, even with with gloves, cold or wet hands by tugging at the top of the collar to release the zipper.
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