Behind the scenes

21 Stages Cycling Inc. is a company founded in 2020 based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that specializes in custom orders and retail of some very special and unique cycling apparel and accessory brands. Like you, we're cycling fanatics and love each brand we carry. Each brand is a premium brand and offers a unique aesthetic. We invite you to join the growing family of riders who've ventured into the world backed by 21 Stages Cycling and started riding with brands crafted by those who bring a fresh perspective to crafting cycling apparel.


One of the original brands that decided to work with 21 Stages. Givelo has a reputation of creating quality products by sourcing the best materials from the around the globe to create the best product possible - consider in some cases, you may be wearing a jersey that blends French and Italian fabrics into one comprehensive garment. Based in Colombia, Givelo was founded in 2015 with the intention of creating better products that are filled with vibrancy and as a result organized the Givelo company architecture to allow for a rapid evolution of products through micro refinements. The slogan "Don't Settle", references this working philosophy and signifies that Givelo continually strives to improve and offer riders the best products possible, while allowing riders to continually have a unique look through multiple limited edition jersey releases throughout the year. Continuous improvement doesn't just stop with jerseys, it's incorporated into every product like bib shorts, jackets, gilets socks and accessories. With Givelo's innovative working philosophy, every rider benefits, and is able to participate in a vibrant and evolving collection of cycling apparel.


Soon after Givelo, Obbi decided to join with 21 Stages. Based in Napoli Italy, Obbi works with the finest Italian fabrics to create premium handmade cycling apparel. Every garment is handmade in Napoli Italy. The inspiration for designs, fabric selections, assembly techniques draws on a rich cultural history and is evident in every product line. The approaches infused into every Obbi product are second to node and like the Obbi name suggests, everyone that wears Obbi says "we are here" as they join the community of riders who've found something new, different and vibrant. Should you find yourself in Napoli we encourage you to let us know, as you may find yourself leaving Napoli with a 100% custom tailored piece of cycling kit.


Around the same time as Obbi, Pacto joined with 21 Stages. Based in Portugal, the Pacto brand is founded by former pro Pedro Cardoso. Pacto designs are clearly informed by decades of experience which are evident in small details like perfect cuff designs on winter kits, zipper designs, combinations of fabrics, and more. It's a brand with a long history of racing in the european mountains with designs to match. Made in Italy, Spain and Portugal Pacto is a brand well worth exploring.
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