About Us

About Us

We are a company founded in 2020 by avid cyclists with backgrounds in business and technology. We're based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we aim to use technology as it should be used to provide a selection of premium international cycling apparel for discerning cyclists.

We enjoy finding small manufacturers with unique well made products and we know that it's frequently difficult to find a full catalog of well designed apparel that's not local to your market and have it shipped to your door quickly, without unexpected shipping charges and with an opportunity to learn how the brand fits without worrying about returning items that don't fit to a foreign destination.

We aim to solve these problems and our hope is that the products we've collected will make the cycling experience better for you.


We care about our communities and we thought it would be a wonderful thing if we could support the charities we care about as we prove ourselves in the marketplace. To start, we're fans of Jack.org and Team Revolution and we would be thrilled if we could support them. Stay tuned...


Social Responsibility

Being avid cyclists we take social responsibility seriously. We only carry products that are produced by socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers.