About Us

About Us

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We are a company founded in 2020 by avid cyclists with backgrounds in business and technology. We're based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we aim to use technology to provide a selection of premium international cycling apparel for discerning cyclists.

We specialize in online retailing, custom orders and wholesale orders of cycling apparel and accessories of products crafted by small manufacturers. The products we carry are unique, complementary and exceptionally well made.

Since we specialize in a small number of brands, we know the products we sell inside and out and are able to offer a bespoke customer experience which is difficult to find online.

Furthermore, we know that it's challenging to find an online specialist shop that offers a full catalog of well designed apparel that's not local to your market and have it shipped to your door quickly, without unexpected shipping charges and with an opportunity to learn how products fit without worrying about complicated exchange and return processes. Our shop has made these challenges a thing of years past so that you can focus on finding the products you need to support your passion.

We aim to be the online shop for you, the discerning cyclist, the new cyclist, the elite cyclist, or more simply, the cyclist that is looking to wander from the beaten path, onto a path filled with cycling products that are infused with a passion for the sport.

Our mission, is to make the cycling experience better for you.

We ship for free within the USA & Canada and offer free returns in case you need to exchange or return an item.

At the moment we carry three apparel brands and two accessory brands.

Givelo from Colombia - Wonderful soft fabrics that feel amazing. Check out their IG here -> https://www.instagram.com/givelo.cc/. Their products are made in Colombia.

Pacto from Portugal (not Pactimo from the USA) - Big in the european continental racing scene. Top of line range makes use of carbon fiber, etc and looks very very sharp. Much better than the photos! Check out the Pacto IG here -> https://www.instagram.com/pacto_cycling and click through to the teams and see who's tagged them. Their products are made in Italy.

Obbi from Italy - Obbi leverages Graphene+ and other ultra premium materials in their apparel and their apparel feels wonderful. Among many recent runs of apparel, they produced the recent 3T kit. Check out their IG here -> https://www.instagram.com/obbi.cc and see who's tagged them. Their products are handmade in Naples Italy.

Enduro Bites from the USA - They create wonderful all natural nutrition products for endurance athletes. Including the every popular Beta Red.

Hardcore Labs from the USA - They create cycling related cleaning products to keep our beloved machines clean.

We personally use all of the brands and everyone who tries these brands absolutely loves them and is in a slight state of disbelief that they've never heard of these brands.

Join the family and spread the word!

Social Responsibility

Being avid cyclists we take social responsibility seriously. We only carry products that are produced by socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers.