A message from the founders of Obbi

A message from the founders of Obbi

At Obbi we strive to be different. We want to give you the best, most advanced and comfortable cycling kit you can possibly imagine. This is not your usual kind of cycling apparel. We use cutting-edge technology to design and produce the most advanced and comfortable cycling apparel in the world.

Our products are extremely comfortable on the skin and they all have next-level technology incorporated into the fabrics to make your bike rides as pleasant, fast and fun as possible!

When you’re wearing clothing from Obbi, you’re wearing the future of sportswear and technology.


Obbi products make use of advanced materials like Graphene+, Kinetech, and Relyfe fabrics, premium YKK zippers, premium plant based polyamide yarns and many additional types of materials to bring you clothing that provides premium performance. When you wear Obbi products you will forget you're wearing them.

A mens large Francesco 1979 bib short weigh in at just 164 grams.

A mens large Napoli 1909 jersey weighs in at just 134 grams and includes two zippered pockets.

Be sure to learn about the made on demand products: Obbi Bapo 1911's and Obbi Naro 1931's! These premium jerseys and bib shorts make use of advanced materials and are made by hand Naples Italy when you order and ship in 10 business days. There is no wasted materials and the production process allows you to provide a custom insignia so that the product is truly yours. 

The first time you wear Obbi, the advanced materials will fell unlike anything you've worn before and once you start riding, the fabrics will adapt to your body to the point that you will forget you're wearing apparel. 

Check out the 21 Stages Cycling Summer Cycling Kit Guide to learn more.

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