Summer Cycling Kit Guide

Long hours of sunshine giving us lots of time to ride, race and explore with friends are here. Those long hours on the trainer over the winter are paying off and we're riding further and faster than we ever have this season. Follow our cycling kit guide to stay comfortable in the amazing conditions that summer brings.

Summer premium kits are super lightweight and employ different strategies to keep us cool, wicking sweat and heat away quickly. Premium kit is designed for long days of riding and is significantly different from entry level kit. The design is informed by experience and manufacturers have invested significant effort into choosing materials and fine tuning fit in the spirit of creating products that will stand up to the stresses of many hours of riding while concurrently keeping us comfortable.

Bib Shorts

Bib shorts all use premium chamois designed for summer temperature ranges and account for male anatomy in mens styles and womans anatomy in womens styles.

The typical experience with a premium set of bib shorts is that they become part of our skin and we forget we're wearing them but during hard efforts notice their perfect amount of muscle compression.

Givelo Ultra HD, Obbi Francesco 1979's, Obbi Naro 1931's, Pacto Aero and Pacto Carbon are all made for 8+ hours of riding. 

The Givelo Ultra HD and Obbi Francesco 1979 bib shorts use mens and womens road performance force chamois by elastic interface.

The Obbi Naro 1931 bib shorts use the mens peloton hybrid chamois by elastic interface.

The Pacto Aero and Pacto Carbon bib shorts use the M8 chamois by Dolomiti.

For around 7 hours of riding we offer Givelo Classics, Pacto Laser and Pacto Team Pro bib shorts.

We often get asked which bib short is the best. To be perfectly honest, we ride with all of the brands we carry and love each one. Each one is different and we firmly believe that you will be happy with every bib short we carry. One piece of advice we offer is to make use of our rewards program since points are worth more on more expensive items.


Just like with summer bib shorts, summer premium jerseys become part of our skin and we forget we're wearing them but during hard efforts notice their perfect amount of muscle compression and they have an amazing feel during high speed descents.

The Givelo G.90's, Obbi Napoli 1909's, Obbi Bapo 1911's, Pacto Aero and Pacto Carbon's are all meant to fit tight and are packed with technology to keep us cool, aero and turn into a second skin while we're riding. These jerseys are all the top tier jerseys from each brand and it you have a passion for cycling these are the jerseys you should be purchasing.

When you're standing with the jersey on, and you unzip it a little and then the zipper feels like it's going to unzip itself the rest of way you probably have the right fit. Summer race fit jerseys work with a tight fit to keep air flowing over our bodies to help with cooling and reduce drag. Once you're in the riding position you'll appreciate the fit of the jersey.

If a looser fit is preferred the Pacto Team Pro jerseys fit a little looser than the Givelo G.90'sObbi Napoli 1909'sObbi Bapo 1911'sPacto Aero and Pacto Carbon's while the Pacto One Pro jerseys have a club fit.

One thing to note is the Pacto Carbon and Aero jerseys are completely different jerseys than the Team Pro and One Pro jerseys. As the name suggests the Carbon and Aero make use of carbon fiber weaving to keep you cool and stretch around your body. They have features on the sleeves to break up air flow, have an extra zippered pocket, enhanced ventilation, flatlock stitching, the j-stability band, and a few other items.

Givelo G.90 and Pacto Team Pro jerseys also come in a summer long sleeve format.

In other words this:

Pro Fit: Givelo G.90'sObbi Napoli 1909'sObbi Bapo 1911'sPacto Aero and Pacto Carbon's

Little looser than race fit: Pacto Team ProPacto Laser

Club Fit: Pacto One Pro

Summer Long Sleeve: Givelo G.90, Pacto Team Pro

We've split the summer jerseys into an Ultimate and Core collection.

Jerseys in the ultimate collection make use of sophisticated materials like bio reactive fabrics, carbon fiber and more and require sophisticated assembly techniques. These jerseys provide the ultimate level of performance and comfort.

Jerseys in the core collection use core materials and simpler assembly techniquires to provide performance and comfort for core cycling activities. These jerseys provide performance and comfort for all but the most demanding activities.

Click here to browse summer short sleeve jerseys.


A great pair of cycling specific socks is worth the world once we're into our 5th hour of riding. A well designed pair of cycling socks will keep your feet dry and prevent chafing in cycling shoes. 

Pacto Carbon Socks and Givelo Socks are purpose built for cycling.

Base Layers

For added comfort on all but the hottest rides add a summer base layer to help your body regulate temperature. It may seem counterintuitive, but base layers actually aid the body's natural ability to regulate temperature by wicking sweat away from the skin.

Product Combinations

Order 3 products from a brand and automatically receive 10% off

Order 2 products from a brand and automatically receive 5% off

On Demand Customization

Obbi offers handmade in Naples Italy bib shorts and jerseys. They are made when you order, allow for a custom insignia on the interior and ship after only 10 business days. These products make use of recycled, made in Italy, Relyfe®️ fabrics. The fabric is environmentally friendly and the weave is wind tunnel tested to reduce drag when riding over 36 kmh / 23 mph.

Learn more about the products here Obbi Naro 1931's and Obbi Bapo 1911

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