Quality and Comfort for Lovers of Cycling

Quality and Comfort for Lovers of Cycling

The Pacto brand was founded in 2009 and is based in Portugal. It was founded by former professional cyclist Pedro Cardoso who after a 15 year career, in partnership with former cyclist Afonso Azevedo, decided to apply his passion and experience in cycling to cycling apparel.

Pacto is premium gear created for the most demanding cyclists and is worn by continental cycling teams. It

is clothing for cycling enthusiasts who value original design, premium quality and comfort.

The Pacto product line is composed of 5 ranges. The Carbon range is the most expensive and has the most features like carbon fibre weaving while the One range is the least expensive is great for entry level needs.

5 ranges with corresponding pricing

  • Carbon/Winter - $$$$$
  • Laser - $$$$
  • Team Pro - $$$
  • One Pro - $$
  • One - $
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