Meet the Quick-Free Zipper

Givelo Jackets & Gilets

This collection was designed around a simple Quick-Free zipper function. It allows you to remove your outer layer in seconds, even with with gloves, cold or wet hands by tugging at the top of the collar to release the zipper.

The Quick-Free zipper was not originally designed for cycling garments, but adapted for jackets & gilets by Givelo and has proven to be a key piece of functionality needed by every cyclist.

The Gecko line, the windproof jacket and gilet all make use of the Quick-Free zipper.

While the soft wind breaking rain jacket doesn't have a Quick-Free zipper, it is water resistant and has thermo sealed stitching and an easy access design at the back to access your jersey pockets. Though not considered waterproof it will keep you dry.

The Gecko line blends the best of the windproof jackets and gilets and the soft wind breaking rain jacket. The main material of the Gecko is waterproof but the secondary reflective fabric isn't.

The thermal jacket, like the soft wind breaking rain jacket, also doesn't make use of the Quick-Free zipper but is water resistant and will keep you comfortable from around -5c / 23f and up.

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