Welcome to the 10th anniversary, Team Revolution limited edition collection. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have partnered with Obbi and 21 Stages Cycling to create something truly special. This special edition collection showcases premium Giro inspired pieces handcrafted by Obbi in Napoli Italy and pays homage to our memories of years past.
Who is Obbi? Obbi is a boutique manufacturer of cycling apparel based in Napoli Italy. Their mission is to create the highest quality cycling apparel using unique, premium Italian materials. @obbi.cc

The Obbi Bapo 1911 jerseys make use of made in Como Italy, aero optimized, woven Relyfe®️ fabrics, which are recycled and maintain high performance over time. This jersey has a long lasting elasticity and fantastic pilling resistance allowing it to follow the movements of your body. It’s super-lightweight, highly breathable and it dries very quickly. Furthermore, this jersey provides ideal muscle compression in order to reduce muscle fatigue and keep you performing at your highest level for longer. The Bapo 1911 jersey also has improved UV protection embedded in the fabrics for your protection during longer rides.
For our 10th anniversary bibs, we have selected bibs that feature only two seams joining the legs. They're manufactured with a runproof stretch-ultra-fine double-knit fabric with an added extra sturdy fabric for the abdominal area. The laser cut cuffs use silicone microspheres at the leg grippers while the straps incorporate a double construction composed of a two-way stretch micro perforated fabric for the back and micro-perforated fabrics on the front.

Air-Tech Socks

Lightweight, compressive, unisize

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