How to pick the right Givelo bib short

If you're new to cycling or haven't committed to the sport a great place to start is the Givelo Classic bib shorts collection. They're priced aggressively, yet are still designed to keep you comfortable for 7+ hours of riding. They use the 7+ hour Italian Elastic Interface 7 hour Endurance 2.5 HD Mens Chamois for mens cuts and the 7+ hour Italian Elastic Interface 7 hour Liege HP Women Chamois for womens cuts.

If you're into racing or any type of riding that where you spend 4+ hours in the saddle the Givelo Ultra High Density (Ultra HD) bib shorts are long distance bibs constructed with a brandless and seamless design. These full day bib shorts are preferred by riders who are looking for a more sophisticated build, a 8+ hour 200kg/m3 Italian chamois (the elastic interface road performance force). These bibs also offer the highest compressive factor in the Givelo catalog which is why they are preferred by riders who wish to minimize muscle fatigue.

If you're searching for ultra light bib straps with an open back, we often recommend the Givelo Mayfly Bib Shorts. These bibs offer a slightly less compressive factory than the Ultra High Density bib shorts but their comfort level is second to none. Often we get asked if the Ultra HD or Mayfly bibs are better and our recommendation is the have both in your rotation. Some days you will need one and not the other. These bibs feature the 7+ hour 120kg/m3 Elastic Interface®️ Comp HP chamois which is a crossover chamois making these a great set of bibs to have when you occasionally venture off road.

Finally, if you're searching for cargo bib shorts, look no further than than the Givelo Cargo Bib Shorts. These bibs feature side pockets and we receive wonderful positive feedback from riders. These bib shorts make use of the 7+ hour 120kg/m3 Italian Elastic Interface Endurance 2.5 HD Mens chamois.

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