We carry innovative bib shorts manufactured by Givelo, Obbi and Pacto with designs and materials informed by decades of experience.

Wear bio active fabrics, carbon fiber, drag reducing weaving and more.

Stay comfortable all day (8+ hours) with Givelo Ultra HD and Obbi Naro + Francesco.

Stay comfortable for around 7 hours with Givelo Classics and Pacto Laser.

Givelo Ultra High Density Bib Short 200 kg/m3

Sizing: European

The High-Density Bib short was designed and tested for years by plenty of pro cyclists in order to create the perfect garment for really long rides. Its clean-cut design provides better compression and allows the blood to circulate much better, generating a lower sensation of fatigue. Its elastic interface road performance force hybrid chamois has soft wings that allow greater freedom of movement and protects the inner-leg area from chafing.

Recommended for those cyclists that aim to ride 8+ hours.

This piece takes comfort to a whole new level.

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