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The Obbi design team will provide you with a look book and technical details for products that you are interested in customizing. 

No chromatic constraints or graphic limits, you will have the possibility to carry out a complete customization.

Access the professional Obbi design team. You can show Obbi your idea starting from a sketch made with a pencil on paper. Note that images should be in high resolution and clearly legible.

The design is free on a minimum order of 12 kits (top + bib)

Production time for the first draft is between three and seven work days

The production time will range from six to eight weeks. Obbi makes their garments with extreme care and attention and during peak periods of work there may be production delays.

Obbi garments are designed and made entirely in Italy, in full compliance with the anti covid sars-19 regulations

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The Story of Obbi

Obbi thrives to be different! Obbi's mission is to give you the best, most advanced and comfortable cycling kit you can possibly imagine. This is not your usual kind of sports clothing. We use cutting-edge technology to design and produce one of the most advanced and comfortable cycling jerseys in the world.When you’re wearing clothing from Obbi, you’re wearing the future of sportswear and technology.Every product is unique and will only be made in limited editions.

Technology Driven

Obbi uses Graphene plus in their fabrics as this super-lightweight material possesses unique thermal features. It dynamically distributes body heat to colder areas in order for you not to overheat. Thereby you can keep performing at your highest level no matter the temperatures outside.

In cold weather, when used as a base layer, the clothing likewise helps you stay warm by making sure the heat is evenly distributed on your body. Graphene plus is truly a sportswear game-changer and Obbi is at forefront of this revolution. They constantly look for new technologies to incorporate into our clothing.

Flat Stitching

Obbi cycling clothing also stands out from others on the market as they use flat stitching technology, leaving no traditional seams while making jerseys even lighter and more comfortable to wear. As the professional riders on the WorldTour say when they try the Obbi jerseys: “It feels like it’s part of my body”.

Made In Napoli

In order to make sure that every piece of clothing is top quality, all Obbi clothing is made in-house at their own workshop in Napoli, Italy. This is Obbi's home. They control every part of the process and leave nothing to chance. Saverio Letizia, CEO co-founder and head of production, has been working in the clothing manufacturing industry all his adult life, taking over the family business from his father Salvatore. Combined with a burning passion for cycling and a constant desire to discover and exploit new technologies, Obbi was born.

Limited Edition

All Obbi products are in limited editions, as they believe their apparel is as unique as you are. When you wear a cycling kit from Obbi, you do so knowing that only a very limited amount of people in the world will have the same kit. Once a production line is sold out, it will never be produced again. Obbi products are extremely comfortable on the skin and they all have next-level technology incorporated into the fabrics. All this is done to make your bike rides as pleasant, fast and fun as possible!

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BLIZZARD by Sitip® fabric with ACQUA ZEROECO the fluorine free water repellent technology


What people say

Best summer bib shorts I have ever tried! The chamois is really comfortable and the fit of the shorts is just perfect. Can’t believe how light they are. I feel I go much faster when wearing these. Will definitely get another pair!


This jersey is in really nice material with zippers that run smoothly and seems quite robust. I especially like that the pockets on the back is with zippers, so your items don’t fall out. The sizes is a bit short in length so I would recommend to either ask customer service before order or order one size bigger than normal


Mi piace molto il fatto che pur essendo un pantaloncino leggero, riesca a “fasciare” molto bene i muscoli delle gambe. All’interno è stampato un circuito in Graphene che aiuta a distribuire il calore che si genera durante la pedalata, direi che è un segno evidente del grande lavoro di ricerca su nuove tecnologie applicate a materiali già di per sé altamente performanti. Sempre ottima la confezione e la cura dei dettagli. Ottimo anche il pad interno. Consigliatissimo!