Newsletter - May 10

Happy Monday!

Above photo: One of Obbi's first creations shows historic stages of the Giro d'Italia. Could this edition be one of the best ever?

Now that a weekend of riding has passed, it's time for our weekly newsletter!

Latest Releases and Tips

  • Givelo has a new jersey collection featuring some amazing colors. Take a look at the Mens and Womens 2021 Essentials Aero collections and discover them for yourself! The price point is perfect and provides an alternative to the feature packed Concept and G.90 lines at a lower price point. You can bundle the jerseys with bib shorts, available in an array of colors, and save a few % on your purchase.
  • We continue to receive many questions regarding the Pacto size chart. Most people have been able to determine their size based on taking measurements from where the soft spot, just above where their collar bones, would meet to the center of their belt buckle. This measurement, matched against the B. Torso column on the size chart, has provided the most accurate size options. If you are concerned a size is going to be too small or are in between sizes, we recommend going one size up as most of the products are designed to fit snugly. Remember this tip when purchasing a Pacto product!
  • While we are aware that most people base their gear choices on pictures of the products, to truly see the capabilities of Pacto gear in action, check out these Instagrams: Here, here, here and here. Pacto products have many fine details that can only truly be appreciated once worn. For example, the products with "Carbon" in the name have carbon fibre weaving in key areas to enhance comfort on long duration races, training sessions and rides. Keep an eye out for "Carbon" in the product name when shopping. 
  • Pacto is in the process of refreshing their product lines so if you're waiting for restocks of previous generation jerseys, we will not be restocking those items. The upside is that new colorways and updated product features are making their way into our catalog. Keep an eye on the Pacto collection and sort by newest products on our website or just click this link.
  • If you're looking for some clothing that's making use of the latest in Graphene+ technology, check out these offerings by Obbi. Graphene+ is an amazing innovation because it strengthens the fabric membrane and allows the fabrics to work with the body to regulate the heat produced.
  • Don't forget to check out our all natural nutrition products including a plant based recovery protein! We've made the switch to Enduro Bites products ourselves and have been enjoying natural, plant based energy bars and recovery protein powders.

Each brand we carry is different in its design and material selections and how it feels to you when you ride will be a function of your body type, how you train, your cycling disciplines, duration of training sessions, the weather you ride in, and many other factors. The photos we have on the site are just a small component of the products and their function.

If you were missing anything over the weekend you will likely find the product you need by browsing the site :) Happy Riding!

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